Why we don’t run skin-plugins

The first thing a lot of new players on our server do is typing the “!ws” command in chat. These players expect to see a list of different skins for their weapons to choose from. It is the biggest player magnet of all features a CS:GO server can provide.

So why don’t we provide it?

The answer is quite simple. It is against Valves Terms of Use and server owners providing it anyway will get banned sooner or later. Every CS:GO server instance is bound to a server token. The server token is generated in connection to a specific steam account. If one token gets banned, all other tokens from the same account will also be affected. To create server tokens the server owner must have a phone number connected to his account. To continue running servers you will not only have to create a new steam account, but also buy a new phone number.

Why do other servers run these plugins anyway?

Running this type of plugins is pretty much a guarantee to have a full server. Most server owners obviously enjoy a full server. But to run this type of server involves costs. If their account gets banned they have to buy CS:GO and a new phone number. This can happen once a week. Also similar to hacks for the game itself, developers of these plugins often take money from server owners. This makes their plugin less likely to be detected by Valve as less people are using it. Other providers sell server tokens to owners, so owners don’t have to buy a mobile number and CS:GO every time they get banned.

This can cost quite a lot of money. Many server owners force players to watch an ad before they can actually play on the server. They run skin-plugins to get a high amount of players watching these ads and to generate maximum profit. Sometimes they provide low-quality gameservers to spent less on hardware. Usually players will even join shitty servers, just because of the skin-plugins.

I don’t think bad about server owners trying to get some of their money back by running ads on their servers. I thought about doing that myself multiple times. What I don’t like are server owners providing a bad experience to players on their servers, but still baiting them to join because of skin-plugins.

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  • 27. April 2017 at 14:06

    Not only this, but these Plugins cause alot of lag and get alot of low-ranked players into the Servers.

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