Most rules should be self-explanatory. But as a summary:

No suspicious players with a low amount of hours:
  • Any players under 125 hours that seem suspicious will be banned for 3 months. If you have been banned but have over 125 hours please contact an admin through the live support chat system or visit our teamspeak at Otherwise, please come back on your main account.
  • Of course we do not want to discourage new players from joining Crinis servers, so if you feel as though you have been wrongly banned please contact us (contact details below).
No Private Profiles:
  • In our aim to remove cheaters from our servers, it is now a requirement for your profile to be made public in order to continue playing on Crinis servers. We understand that many players may wish to keep profiles private, however, if an admin requests to see your profile, refusing to do so will result in a permanent ban.
No Cheating:
  • Every server has a GOTV attached to it. Our admins will use this to spot cheaters. There is no automatic anti-cheat running on the server. Of course our servers are VAC-secured. Cheaters will receive a five year ban.
  • This includes b-hop scripts etc.
No Advertising:
  • Advertising cheating forums/websites and/or providers is forbidden and can be followed by a ban.
No Griefing:
  • If you actively try to destroy someones experience by constantly blocking/flashing him on purpose a ban can be given out.
  • Calling out your teams position to the enemy team can also be followed by a ban.
Trolling is an exception:
  • We see a difference between griefing and trolling.
  • Trolling for us means to not take the game seriously. This is totally accepted. You are free to use your taser whenever you want. You are allowed to ninja defuse and knife everyone you want. You can also use your high-sensitivity spinbot and play strat-roulette…
No abusive language/excessive flaming/toxic behaviour:
  • These servers are not meant for people that look for a serious team game environment. You can’t expect this to work with random people on the internet. Everyone has got a different kind of motivation to play the game.
  • Constantly flaming people and telling them how bad they are will not help you win the game, nor will it make you any better. In serious rage-cases we will timeout raging players.
  • Shit-Talking in a non-serious way (look at the point before) is accepted. You are obviously free to mute these individuals.
  • Please note that if you a requested to stop using abusive language and continue to do so, admins have the right to hand out temporary bans; your judgement as to what may be considered ‘too far’ is not universal, and offensive language is not tolerated. Such language includes racist, sexist, homophobic or religiously aggravated comments that are deemed to be deliberately targeting certain players.
  • You can also talk in every language you wish to.

All these rules also apply to our admins. If you feel mistreated you may send an email to

For any inquiries, please contact our Head Admin Rachel on Steam