Important information about the ARK Server

Due to a lot of broken plugins Spectre has given up on running the current ARK server. I personally like ARK and will take the time to set one up. The server will use mods but I will try to ensure that all of those are maintained.

Help needed

I have not really played ARK actively in the past and don’t really know much about common mods and what is expected from an ARK server. I appreciate any kind of help. Join Teamspeak or add me on Steam or respond to this topic:

2 thoughts on “Important information about the ARK Server

  • 26. December 2016 at 17:36

    I am sorry, it were the only mods i really wanted to play on, Felix is going to make an amazing server now, so feel free to join hes server! [once its done] 😛

  • 11. January 2017 at 23:52

    I host an ARK server, the mods I’d recommend are any stack mod, then the Steampunk mod, ARK Advance and superspyglass.

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