It’s been over a week, and my ticket still hasn’t been resolved. What do I do?

During busy times, our admins may not be able to resolve all tickets promptly. We apologise for this, and suggest you try to contact an admin if your ticket has been pending for over a week. Contact details of Admins can be found in the ‘How do I contact a member of staff?’ section of this FAQ.

There is a problem with the servers, who do I contact?

Server problems should be reported immediately: this can be through the live text chat service or by going to the crinis.org teamspeak server and contacting a moderator.

How do I protest or submit a ban?

Protesting a ban

Before you apply for a ban protest you must make sure you have read the rules.

If you still believe you have been wrongly banned, please use system under the ‘Support’ tab to create a ticket. This will be reviewed by admins within several days.

Provide as much proof as you can. This can be a demo or an ESEA/CEVO/ESL profile link. Please include a description as to the circumstances surrounding your ban, as well as any other details as to why you may have been wrongly banned. If you have a private profile, we will not consider your protest.

Submitting a ban

You must include some sort of proof as to why the person should be banned. This can be in the form of a demo, screenshot, steam profile link or any other appropriate method. For ban submissions to be considered your case must be convincing.

How do I contact a member of staff?

There are several ways in which you can contact staff:-

Ticket System

If you wish to protest against a ban or submit a ban, go to the ‘Support’ tab and submit a ticket; this will be reviewed by admins within a couple days. Expect a friend request from an admin in case more details are needed.

Teamspeak Server

There are almost always admins online on our teamspeak server. Look out for the ‘M’ badge, which indicates a moderator.

IP: crinis.org


You may also wish to consider opening a thread in our forums for any technical issues or game-server related topics – suggestions for game features that you may wish to be added or different game-modes should be made here.

Admin Complaints

Contact our Head Admin, Rachel, to make complaints/praises about Admins: positive or negative, we would love to hear from you!

Rachel is also free to answer particular inquiries or questions. Steam Link.


Developer inquiries, applications and technical inquires should be made to the email postmaster@crinis.org


How to apply as an admin?

To apply as an admin please register and open a thread in the Staff application section of the forums and complete the form.

If your application is successful you should be contacted by one of our Senior Staff, either by email or through a friend request on Steam. Please be aware that we will request to speak to you on teamspeak before making our decision.

If you are a developer and want to help please contact postmaster@crinis.org .