ARK: Survival Evolved server added

Screenshot from the Ark ServerI am glad to announce that we launched an ARK: Survival Evolved server – it’s modded – and I have added some nice settings to it. It’s just a server for people who want to have fun on ARK: Survival Evolved.

In order to play on our server you will need to have some mods installed:

Mod List: 


Some game facts:
  • Harvest: 20x
  • Taming: 30x
  • Experience: 20x
  • Max Level of 500 for Players
  • Once a dino is tamed u can add 500 levels


Everyone is welcome on the server.

Servername: Crinis Mystic Academy / 20xXP/H – 30xT 24/7 100 Slots

Server IP:


Enjoy your time on Crinis Mystic Academy!

Head Staff – Spectre

If you have feedback or suggestions contact Spectre.

3 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved server added

    • 20. December 2016 at 7:38

      You go to Steam – Let top corner – View – Servers – Favorites- add server – Ip:

      Joining the server takes a While since of all the mods canon take up tot 10-30 minuten.

      Head Staff – Spectre

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